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Frequently Asked Questions

You are able to order Medical Indicators Thermometers through our distributors. NexTemp® and TraxIt® are also available for purchase on Amazon, Walmart.com, and on our ecommerce site shopmedicalindicators.com
No. NexTemp®, Tempa•DOT®, and TraxIt® thermometers are single-use. Use them once and throw the entire device away! This is why they are excellent for infection control.
NexTemp® and TraxIt® have a 5 year shelf life from the date of manufacture. Tempa•DOT® has a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.
Yes, all Medical Indicators thermometers are FDA-Class 1 medical devices.
No, NexTemp® and Tempa•DOT® can be used orally, axillary or rectally. They are most commonly used orally. TraxIt® is a 48-hour continuous read thermometer for pediatric care.
All Medical Indicators thermometers are extremely accurate. It is very rare that we receive complaints regarding inaccurate readings. If an inaccurate reading is recorded, it usually means that the thermometer was not used correctly. If using orally, it is important to make sure that you do not have anything to eat or drink 15 minutes prior to taking the reading.

Some of the common errors we have found when using our thermometers for the first time are: 1) the thermometer is not correctly positioned in the mouth, under the tongue, back by the molars. 2) the patient does not keep their mouth closed for the entire 60 seconds. 3) the patient is talking when the thermometer is in their mouth. 4) the patient had something hot or cold to eat or drink within 15 minutes of taking their temperature. 5) the thermometer was in the patient’s mouth for less than 60 seconds. 6) when using Tempa•DOT®, the healthcare provider did not wait 10 seconds after removing it from the patient’s mouth before recording the reading. 7) the patient just came in from an extremely warm or cold environment.

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