Medical Indicators serves dialysis centers across the country. As patients’ temperatures need to be taken routinely during dialysis, accuracy is of extreme importance. Medical Indicators single-use thermometers facilitate the process and prevent cross-contamination between patients while offering unsurpassed accuracy.


Medical Indicators thermometers are used by hospitals around the country due to their effectiveness at reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Beyond infection control units, our products are used in departments ranging from the NICU to the ER and beyond.

Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities provide an alternative to waiting hours in the emergency room when the primary care physician is unavailable. Many patients choose to go to urgent care facillities when they have the flu. Using our single-use clinical thermometers helps prevent the spread of viruses like the flu from patient to patient and patient to provider.


Student health centers utilize Medical Indicators Promo Health Cards. They make great marketing materials and are a cost-effective, useful tool to provide to students to help monitor their health. Medical Indicators thermometers are also useful for university health centers, as their one-time use functionality helps to stop the spread of germs from patient to patient on campus.

Physician Offices

Medical Indicators thermometers are perfect for physician offices. They are convenient and can be purchased online or through a local distributor. All Medical Indicators thermometers are individually wrapped and used on only one patient. They are cost effective, making it easy for physicians to have a supply in each exam room.

Direct to Consumer

Purchasing directly from Medical Indicators on our website, shopmedicalindicators.com, Amazon or Walmart provides an easy and convenient way for individuals or unaffiliated customers to obtain our products.

Public Health

The single-use aspect of Medical Indicators products lends itself perfectly to infection control and prevention public health initiatives at various levels. Ranging from basic cold and flu awareness to national health campaigns, Medical Indicators is dedicated to servicing the public health sector.


By collaborating with distributors in numerous countries, Medical Indicators widespread international presence continues to expand with growing healthcare needs.

Blood Centers

An accurate temperature reading is imperative for blood donations. Medical Indicators thermometers provide unsurpassed clinical accuracy, while being extremely light and portable. With no bulky accessories or batteries, they are perfect for mobile blood drives.

Long-Term Care

All long-term care facilities are required to have an infection control preventionist on staff. Medical Indicators thermometers help these employees do their job efficiently. Their single-use ability allows for maximum infection control and prevents the spread of disease from patient to patient.


Medical Indicators thermometers are portable and require no batteries or accessories. This makes them invaluable for disaster response teams that may be dealing with a lack of electricity and power sources. They transport easily and their light weight allows multiple to be carried into the field at a time.


Medical Indicators thermometers are a great way for companies to show that they care about their employees. They can be given to employees that travel frequently as a way to monitor their health. They are also perfect for companies that want to test their employees for illness during peak illness seasons.