Pediatric Single-Use, 48-Hour Continuous
Read Thermometer

The Ideal Thermometer for Pediatric Care

TraxIt® thermometers are meant to simplify the process of taking a child’s temperature. Instead of having to repeatedly take a child’s temperature, the TraxIt® adheres to the child’s underarm and continuously reads the child’s temperature for up to 48 hours. TraxIt®’s adhesive is a gentle, latex-free, waterproof, hypoallergenic medical tape that will not irritate a child’s healthy skin.

Case Size: 2,000 individual thermometers (20 boxes of 100 units)
Fahrenheit Scale: Axillary Thermometer, Product code 1313-20
Celsius Scale: Axillary Thermometer, Product code 2313-20

Accuracy: ±0.2ºF or ±0.1ºC
Shelf Life: 5 years from the date of manufacture
Value: No time or resources spent on device maintenance
Range: 94.0°F to 104.8°F or 35.0°C to 41.9°C
Safety: Non-toxic, mercury-free, latex-free, gentle medical adhesive tape
Infection Control: One disposable thermometer per patient


Single-Use, 48 Hour Continuous Read
Pediatric Thermometers
TraxIt Disposable Thermometers 100 Pack 1313-10

Why TraxIt® in Your Healthcare Facility?

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Disposable for Maximum
Infection Control
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Lower Annualized Cost
Than Reusable
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Perfect For ALL
Healthcare Providers
Improved Workflow
& Reduced Labor Costs

The Benefits of TraxIt®

Enhance the Efficacy of
Pediatric Patient Care

Taking frequent temperature readings without waking a sleeping child enables health care providers to offer better patient care. Worn under the arm, TraxIt® provides continuous readings for up to 48 hours, requiring nothing more than a gentle arm movement to take a reading.
TraxIt Wearable Thermometer

State of the Art Technology
Offers Unsurpassed Clinical

TraxIt® thermometers offer a remarkable innovation called Liquid Crystal Technology, which uses heat-sensitive liquid crystals to measure and display body temperature. The technology delivers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. TraxIt® thermometers are clinically tested, FDA listed, CE marked, and meet ASTM standards of accuracy. The device is small and light, making it ideal for all situations.

TraxIt® is Trusted by

Medical Indicators thermometers are trusted by top hospitals and teaching institutions worldwide. TraxIt® is trusted by professionals in a variety of healthcare settings due to its ease of use, unsurpassed clinical accuracy and disposability.

“Sleep is of critical importance to
children with chronic illnesses.”

–October 2010 study by Julie Boergers, PhD, and Daphne
Koinis-Mitchell, PhD, in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology

How is TraxIt® Different From
Other Thermometers?

  Batteries Probe Cover Accessories Cleaning Calibration & Repairs Continuous Monitoring
Digital / Electric
& Temporal

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