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Our Promo Packs are the perfect solution for companies, schools, and universities for their temperature checking needs. The NexTemp Ultra single-use disposable thermometer provided in these packs offers unsurpassed accuracy and maximum infection control, as the new normal to keep us all safe and healthy.

You can also customize your promo packs.

Promo Pack Setup

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NexTemp Ultra Promo Pack

Promo Pack Options

Stock Promo Packs

Available in pack sizes of 4 and 8, our stock Cold or Flu and COVID-19 Promo Packs include NexTemp Ultra disposable thermometers that offer unsurpassed accuracy and maximum infection control to keep you safe and healthy.

Cold or Flu Promo Pack

Our Cold or Flu pack features a cold or flu symptom chart on the back with prevention steps.
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NexTemp Ultra Promo Pack

COVID-19 Promo Pack

This pack features COVID-19 CDC Guidelines on the back for protecting yourself and others.
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NexTemp Ultra Promo Pack

Additional Information

Stock Promo Pack Options

We offer two types of stock promo packs, Cold or Flu and a COVID-19 Pack. Pack sizes are 4 and 8.

Ordering & Inquiries

Please email us for quotes and inquires: customerservice@medicalindicators.com

Shipping Information

Our stock promo packs are always available and ship quickly.

Custom Promo Packs

Promote Your Company, School, or University
With Custom Promo Packs

Hundreds of companies, schools, and universities have previously used our Custom Promo Health Cards. Now is the time to be safe and healthy with our Custom Promo Packs which come with NexTemp Ultra single-use disposable thermometers.

Basic Customization

Add your logo to the front cover of the Promo Pack and we’ll send it to print. It’s that easy. All we need is a high resolution file and we’ll create a proof for you to review.

Full Customization

With full customization, you can edit the front, back, and colors of your Promo Pack. You can create your own design with a provided template or let us help. We’ll create a proof for your approval and we’ll send the packs to print.

Basic Customization Example

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Promo Pack Setup

Full Customization Examples

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Custom Promo Pack Setup