Becker’s Hospital Review issued their annual 100 Infection Control Products to Know for 2019, and for the second year in a row, Medical Indicators is proud to have our NexTemp® thermometers included among such highly beneficial products. The annual list is comprised of products that aim to increase patient safety and contribute to the reduction in the spread of infections. Infection control is crucial in healthcare settings because a doctor’s number one goal is to keep their patients safe. So it’s essential that they find and use products that contribute to the safety and well-being of their patients.

The products included in this year’s list include diagnostic instruments, UV disinfectants, hygienic products, disinfectants and detergents, health technology, catheters and central lines, and surgical supplies, among others. They were chosen because they help to fight against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s), which are most commonly caused by the spreading of germs in a medical facility from patient-to-patient, as well as patient-to-provider.

Medical Indicators’ NexTemp thermometers made the list for the second year in a row, and our NexTemp® Ultra thermometers also made the list this year. Our NexTemp® and NexTemp® Ultra thermometers are similar in design and production, with the only difference being that NexTemp® offers a 20-second temperature retention time, while NexTemp® Ultra offer an extended 60-second temperature retention time. Meaning with NexTemp® you have 20 seconds to read and record the temperature after removing the thermometer from the patient’s mouth; whereas with NexTemp® Ultra you have a full minute.

All of Medical Indicators’ thermometers, including both NexTemp® and NexTemp® Ultra, offer maximum infection control by limiting the use of the thermometer to only one individual. Disposing of the thermometer after use virtually eliminates the risk of spreading germs and infections by providing a clean instrument that is used once and then discarded. The majority of thermometers on the market today are reusable, meaning they are used on multiple patients. But this practice of reusing thermometers among multiple patients can lead to the spread of unwanted germs and infections if the products aren’t properly cleaned and disinfected after every use.