Medical Indicators is proud to be included in Becker’s Hospital Review’s 2018 list of 101 Infection Control Products to Know. Becker’s Hospital created the list to provide consumers with information on the best product options for infection control. The list highlights the importance of patient safety and recognizes the companies and medical devices that contribute to it. The list was compiled after examining the technology used in and the products designed to disinfect medical instruments and operating rooms, reduce preventable complications, stop the spread of germs and make surgery safer for patients.

They tested products from all over the world and chose those that they believed were most impressive, and met or exceed their expectations. Among the products tested were UV disinfectants, diagnostic instruments, catheters and central lines, health technology, and surgical procedure products, among other items, designed for infection control.

Medical Indicators’ NexTemp thermometers were included as one of the best options one of the medical products mentioned due to the maximum infection protection they provide. NexTemp single-use thermometers are highly-accurate thermometers that are designed to be used once and then discarded. Their disposability protects against the spread of germs and infections by providing a clean instrument that is used only one time, with only one patient.

Our NexTemp thermometers feature a patented chemistry system known as liquid crystal technology that uses heat-sensitive crystals to offer the highest level of accuracy available on the market today. In addition to their infection protection in a hospital or clinical setting, they are also perfect for individual, at-home, or on-the-go use. They are compact, lightweight and can be taken with you anytime, anywhere. They fit easily into a first-aid kit, medicine cabinet, purse, diaper bag or even your carry on suitcase. Our NexTemp® thermometers provide convenience and ease while also contributing to patient safety – the number one focus of Medical Indicators.