Medical Indicators, Inc. is pleased to announce their partnership with Maness Veteran Medical, LLC.  Partnering with Maness Veteran Medical, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), will enable Medical Indicators, the only manufacturer of clinically-accurate, single-use thermometers in the world manufacturing all of their products in the U.S., to bring their innovative, disposable thermometers to America’s veterans, the U.S. Department of Defense, and active military service members.

Medical Indicators’ line of single-use thermometers, including NexTemp®, NexTemp® Ultra, TempaDOT® and TraxIt® thermometers, features a patented chemistry system that utilizes heat-sensitive crystals to provide the most accurate temperature reading available on the market today. In addition to their accuracy, all of Medical Indicators’ thermometers are individually wrapped and intended to be disposed of after use – offering doctors, nurses and their patients maximum infection control. Disposing of the thermometer after use virtually eliminates the risk of spreading germs, illnesses and infections, which is a critical component of patient care, now more than ever.

“Medical Indicators has worked with VA Hospitals throughout the U.S. for many years,” said Joel Welde, Medical Indicators’ Chief Executive Officer, “and through this partnership, we’re excited to expand our reach and provide the absolute best in patient care to even more of our nation’s most deserving.”

For more than 35 years, Medical Indicators’ thermometers have been trusted by top physicians, national health systems and teaching institutions around the world. In an effort to further the advancement of veteran and active military care, Medical Indicators is proud to have the dedicated team at Maness Veteran Medical be their exclusive SDVOSB distributor.