Health Care Association of New Jersey Spring Conference

Medical Indicators is excited to participate in the Health Care Association of New Jersey’s 50th Annual Spring Conference. The annual event provides healthcare industry partners, including medical center owners, directors, administrators, doctors, researchers, and nurses, with updates on the latest trends and developments in the medical field. Educational sessions will feature presentations from local, state, and national leaders in the healthcare profession.

Medical Indicators’ is a proud member of the New Jersey healthcare community, having manufactured our clinically accurate, single-use thermometers, including NexTemp®, NexTemp® Ultra, TempaDOT®, and TraxIt®, in New Jersey since our inception nearly 40 years ago. Our thermometers provide the highest level of accuracy attainable in any thermometer on the market today. And their disposability means that once a temperature is taken, the thermometer and all of the germs are discarded along with it – virtually eliminating the risk of spreading germs and infections!

Over the years, Medical Indicators has worked to increase production capabilities and expand product offerings to meet the needs of its growing customer base. It’s through this continued growth and success that Medical Indicators has become the largest manufacturer of clinically accurate, single-use thermometers in the world, distributing its thermometers to more than 30 countries around the world.