Medical Indicators, Inc. Attending APIC Conference

Association for Professionals in Infection Control Conference

Medical Indicators is proud to support the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC), and is excited to exhibit at their Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, June 13-15 2022! The annual event features educational sessions that provide insights and updates on infection prevention research, training, and development.

Medical Indicators is excited to showcase our clinically accurate, single-use thermometers to members of the infection control industry. Our thermometers have been trusted by top hospitals, dialysis centers, and medical clinics around the world for more than 40 years. Our thermometers, including NexTemp®, NexTemp® Ultra, TempaDOT®, and TraxIt®, provide the highest level of accuracy attainable in any thermometer on the market today. And their disposability means that once a temperature is taken, the thermometer and all of the germs are discarded along with it – virtually eliminating the risk of spreading germs and infections